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How Versatile Can Medical Screens Be?

Now more than ever, office and workplaces are conscious of flu break outs and keeping the office clean and sterile. Social distancing has been implemented over the last couple of years and has been effective. But once this has been removed, other solutions may need to be sought out that continue the careful approach.

The dilemma of sick days and reduced numbers of staff can be tackled as well as the well-being in the office.

Medical, hospital and healthcare environments

Any area throughout the medical industry can benefit from the anti-bacterial medical screens. A reception area, waiting area, wards and clinical spaces. All of which need to be monitored, cleaned on a regular basis and in general, looked after.

The anti-bacterial fabric on offer isn’t just easy to clean, but stops the growth of germs and bacteria. And for the Medical environment, you couldn’t ask for anything more.

Office Spaces

The office is one of the most likely places to catch a cold due to the high volumes of people, the air con and circulation systems. That being said, with social distancing and local lockdowns the staff levels have been reduced, therefore having a positive effect on general illness.

Don’t let the medical and anti-bacterial names deter you from choosing the range. The fabrics and screen designs are versatile to become an asset in any space, within any sector.

Schools & education

It’s no surprise that with so many children, anti-bacterial and easy clean surfaces are a popular choice. Children are known to touch everything, coughing and sneeze, with no real awareness of germs and bacteria.

Keeping the play areas and classrooms as clean as possible is always at the top of the agenda. Ditch the subdued colours and venture into the bright bold selections to brighten a classroom and make the screen a design feature.

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